Infection diseases MC

Teaching the course "Infectious Diseases" begins in the 5th year after studying the basic disciplines. The goal is to improve the quality of doctor training, primarily for the polyclinic health care unit. Particular attention is paid to the issues of early diagnosis, treatment of patients at the pre-hospital stage in a polyclinic and at home, providing them with emergency care.

It is assumed the formation of knowledge and skills, the acquisition of practical skills that provide the clinical diagnosis of infectious diseases, the most common, as well as quarantine infections, the rational use of laboratory and instrumental methods of examination of patients, the appointment of adequate etiotropic and pathogenetic treatment, emergency care, as well as the implementation of primary anti-epidemic measures.

The goal is established on the basis of an educational and professional training program for a doctor in a specialty in accordance with the block of its content module and is the basis for building the content of an academic discipline. Objectives (final and specific) are formulated in terms of "professional activity", taking into account the relevant taxonomic levels. Based on the ultimate goals for each content module, specific goals are formulated in the form of certain skills (actions), target tasks that ensure the achievement of the ultimate goal of studying the discipline.

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