History Department

Department of Infectious Diseases, the established 24.10.1996 (decree № 160-1) and is part of the medical faculty of SSU. Organizer Department was MD, Professor M.D. Chemych. The department included courses in pediatric infectious diseases (1996-1998 biennium, the 1998 is connected to the Department of Pediatrics № 1), microbiology, virology and immunology (2004-2012 biennium, and in 2012 went to the newly created Department of Hygiene, ecology, microbiology, virology and immunology). From 24.10.1996 to 31.08.2002 years department was headed by MD, professor Z.Y. Krasovytskyy (27.11.1923 - 22.08.2008) from 01.09.2002, the department is headed by MD, Professor M.D. Chemych.

The teachers worked at the Department by combining drug activity with students: Borodenko V.A., Demyanenko N.V., Shapoval V.V., Shapovalova I.V., HP honey. district. Tretska T.O., Zaichenko T.V., Klimenko N.V., Riabichenko V.V., Kulesh L.P., Haivoronska I. Y.


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