Educational process

Field of knowledge - 22 "Health"

Specialty - 222 "Medicine"

Educational level - Complete higher education

Qualification - Master


The department trained

  • Students of 5 th course - discipline "infectious diseases", "epidemiology".

  • Students of the 6th course - discipline "Internal Medicine: Infectious Diseases", "Actual problems of HIV infection".

  • The intern doctors in the specialty "infectious disease" and related cycles "general practice, family medicine", "surgery," "pediatrics", "Obstetrics and Gynecology", "radiology", "internal medicine", "pathological anatomy" "neurology", "pulmonology and Phthisiology", "orthopedics and traumatology".

  • Doctors - a course of Advanced Training and training, pre-cycle of infectious diseases.

  • Clinical residents in the specialty "infectious disease" and the adjacent loop "HIV / AIDS. EDI".

  • Graduate students specialty "infectious disease".


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