The purpose of education is to provide theoretical foundations of epidemiology as a General Medical Science, learning methods of epidemiological diagnosis, the study of infectious diseases and of their use in primary care health and prevention of possible epidemiological consequences of extreme situations.


The final goal of the discipline

  • Explain causes and regularities of the epidemic process.
  • To conduct an epidemiological survey of infectious disease center.
  • To organize anti-epidemic measures to eliminate cell infection.
  • Organize against epidemiological measures to eliminate the epidemic outbreak.
  • Planning preventive and anti-epidemic measures to the most common infectious and especially dangerous infectious diseases.
  • Take steps to disinfect of the patient and the media as a source of infectious diseases.
  • Organize and carry out preventive and focal disinfection.
  • Organise vaccinations and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Analyze the structure and level of disease in groups and nosological forms.
  • Learn the technique of retrospective and operative epidemiological analysis.
  • Interpret analytical and experimental epidemiological studies.

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