Infectious diseases in dentistry


The course of infectious diseases in dentistry
Infectious diseases with epidemiology
The level of higher education – the second (Master's degree)
The degree of higher education – the Master
The specialization – 221 Dentistry
The field of knowledge – 22 The Health care
The qualification – The Master of Dentistry. Dentist
The aim is to study the main clinical and laboratory signs of the infectious diseases, the approaches to their treatment, the causes and mechanisms of the occurrence and spread, the methods of their prevention and organization of the preventive measures.
Objective - to develop the ability to identify the main clinical symptoms that include the various infectious diseases; to make a preliminary diagnosis of the infectious diseases, to diagnose and provide emergency care in emergencies caused by the infectious diseases, to form the ability to interpret the causes and patterns of the epidemic process.
After studying the discipline the student must know:
· The features of the development and spread of the infectious diseases
· The main clinical symptoms and syndromes that the most characteristic common infectious diseases
· The basic approaches to the laboratory diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the infectious diseases
· The rules of organizing and conducting anti-epidemic measures in centers of infectious diseases
· The priority problems of the prevention infectious diseases by the groups and nosological forms
· Epidemiological, social and economic significance of the certain nosological forms
Be able:
· Identify the main symptoms and syndromes in the most common infectious diseases
· Identify the tactics of the dental patients with the most common infectious diseases
· To interpret the patterns and features of the pathological and epidemic process of the infectious diseases that require special tactics of the patient management
· Demonstrate mastery of the moral and deontological principles of the professional subordination in the provision of medical care to infectious patients
· Demonstrate awareness of the infectious diseases as weapons of the mass destruction
· To diagnose and provide care for the emergencies that complicate the course of the infectious diseases at the prehospital stage


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