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I congratulate you on the New Year and Christmas holidays! I wish that next year will bring us as many joys as there are days in the year, and that every day will give us a smile and a particle of goodness. Let everything that we planned come true, everything that we wanted to start will begin, and what we wanted to finish will end. May we all become happier, kinder, and more attentive to the people around us next year, and the world will open a new door for us!

From the staff of the department Mykola Chemych

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION of the department includes a number of components - international clinical trials (according to protocols BCX1812-301 on influenza, TMC125-TiDP02-IFD3002 on HIV / AIDS), participation in scientific research (economic contract topics) and conferences, scientific and educational events.


Links to join classes ONLINE (consultations, lectures, practical classes)
We invite you to visit our pages Hepatology and Infectiology Center SSU, ekzamenarium, Telegram-channel, Facebook, Youtube channel.
06.01.22 at 7.50 in the classroom Ц219 Sumy State University will be retake final module tests in epidemiology and infectious diseases (9 and 10 semester). The presence of a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19, masks, gloves MUST!

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